Out Mold Decoration(OMD-OMF)

Out-Mold Decoration(OMD-OMF)
  1. Film Placement

  2. Heat the Film to Be Soft

  3. Exert Pressure

  4. Exert Pressure and Vacuum

  5. Finish


Out Mold decoration technology is called for short, OMD which is to make up for the shortcoming of the single color of general injection parts. Put workpieces into a high-pressure vacuum forming machine to make a pattern cover its surface. The process can prevent adverse effects of high temperature and high forming pressure caused by the plastic injection, and improve the yield of the process.

This technology is divided into OMR (Out-mold release) and OMF (Our-mold forming). For the front-end process, both of them are similar, print pattern on thermoplastic film and put a workpiece in a high-pressure vacuum machine to heat film to make it soft. Both processing needs fixtures to fix film during the production. By high-pressure vacuuming, the film will be a laminated or transferred pattern to the surface of workpieces that will make a product with a beautiful appearance. The main difference is the back-end process, OMR is to transfer the pattern on workpieces, have to release the film, and do the UV curing to make it with hardness. OMF is to make the film itself cover the product and cut unnecessary film based on the product shape.

Out Mold decoration technology is not only eco-friendly but also with a simple process and cheap fixtures. This technology can cover the product surface to the bottom of the product and chamfer, even for large sizes of products. For the material selection of workpieces, in addition to covering the plastic surfaces, it can also be applied to various materials, such as metal, glass, and ceramics. It’s widely used for automobile interior and exterior trim, 3C products, medical equipment and etc.


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  • Out Mold Decoration (OMD) Technology used in Automobile
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